How to use your dog to boost your stock price

Posted by Maddie Meyer on September 15, 2018 07:51:07The market has a tendency to go up and down during the summer months, especially during the Christmas holidays, which brings in plenty of money.And, that’s where the good news comes in.Pete’s Market is a popular dog training store in North Carolina, and it has a lot of money on its side […]

Aussie stocks to have a ‘huge’ chance of hitting $600 on Thursday

Australia is poised to hit $600 per share, a benchmark which is currently at $640.Aussie shares could hit $650 a share on Thursday, after hitting a record high of $620 a share in late November, when the Reserve Bank kept interest rates at 1.5%.In the week to September 20, Australian shares were up 7.5 per cent on record highs.The S&P/ASX […]

Nijiya stocks up 6.9% on week-to-week gain

New seasons market closed at 7.99 a share, up by 3.8% on a day when investors were sold on the potential of the Nijiyanas market for a rebound.The market closed down by 3% at the end of the session, while Nijiyas shares are up by more than 9% over the past week.The Nasdaq composite index closed at 1,984.55, up 0.3% […]

Why Chinese stocks are a bit crazy

Aussie stocks are up for sale.The global financial markets are at their highest since June and the Chinese stock market is at its strongest since December.But what’s going on in the world’s biggest economy?What’s going wrong?In recent years, China has become increasingly dependent on global trade.In the process, it has taken a huge hit to its domestic industry and its […]

How to buy a piece of history in the marketplace

In the 1960s, a man named Fred Phelps began selling fake birth certificates for his children to raise money to build a railroad line in Kentucky.He was an icon, and he sold hundreds of thousands of fake birth cards each year.But his family had already passed on his legacy when he died in 1988.When his son-in-law, Mark, discovered the man’s […]

The meat market of the future?

The meat trade is a crucial industry to a nation’s economy.And, as the meat trade continues to decline, so does the quality of its meat.It is estimated that by 2025, global meat production will fall to 1.8 billion tonnes, down from 4.2 billion tonnes in 2025.With a declining share of the global meat market, demand for meat in the US […]

How to Profit From Stock Market Data, And More – Axios

AUSTIN, Texas — AUSTERA, Texas (AP) In this city of 1.4 million people, the stock market has become an important part of everyday life.Here are the ways to profit from it.AUSTERAs most of its residents are Americans, Austinites pay for their groceries, pay for school supplies and health care and rely on a few essentials to survive.But the stock markets […]

When does Chinatown Market close?

CHINAPOLIS MARKET, Calif.— The Chinatown Market is closing its doors for good.The market’s website says the Market will remain open for two weeks for employees and vendors.But the closing date for the Market’s regular Saturday events is March 11.The market opened in the spring of 2015 as a way for residents to come and shop at local businesses.It’s now a […]

Metros to get ‘new, more dynamic’ pricing: Wires

Metros across the U.S. will get new, more interactive pricing options this fall, according to an industry group.The new pricing, which comes in addition to an interactive map that shows how much your monthly energy bills will rise or fall based on weather conditions, will be available in select markets starting Sept. 15.The interactive pricing, as well as the option […]

How to make money with the stock market

CNBC stock market is up 8.4% since last year, with some analysts predicting a big increase this year.Here are 10 ways to make a quick buck.1.Get a job in the stock exchange.You can buy stocks for a fraction of their true value.The New York Stock Exchange’s trading desk has over 3,000 jobs and, according to The Wall Street Journal, the […]