When stocks fall in Australia, it may be the government’s fault

Australia’s farm sector may have just fallen for the second time in two months, but the government has not been entirely blamed for the fall.Farmers and other agricultural producers are facing a sharp decline in the price of their products and the government is also having to deal with the fallout from the severe drought.The Australian Farmgate, which is a […]

When is the best time to sell a property?

When is it time to buy?The answers vary depending on the market and what you’re looking to do with your money.In the UK, the average age to buy is 25, so buying is the right time to do so.When it comes to renting, you’ll have to be aware of the rental market as you may find that a property is […]

Microsoft says Windows 10 will offer free-to-play gaming platform

Microsoft has confirmed that the company’s next-generation operating system will offer a free-market gaming platform, and it will be available for Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones as soon as the next major release of the operating system.The announcement comes on the same day that Microsoft revealed that it will launch its first free-roaming Xbox gaming platform.According to a Microsoft […]

This Chinese market has the perfect Christmas gift for everyone

This is the perfect Chinese Christmas gift.I’m going to have a box of Chinese Christmas tree and presents and a box for each person I know.I have a small box of presents, which I plan to keep for the rest of the year.I plan on taking them home to my sister who lives in London.I am not expecting much, just […]