Where to buy flea-market tickets in Dallas

Dallas — In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has seen a dramatic surge in demand for flea markets and related businesses.While many people are still struggling to get back to work and families are searching for shelter, there are now more than 100 flea vendors in the area.“I think a lot of the people are out […]

When you’re a startup and you don’t have money, you should still sell stock

Posted November 02, 2018 07:09:56When you’re in a startup, you’re not just a company: you’re also a part of a community that is rapidly changing, with the potential to radically reshape the way we work, live, and play.That community is called the “Silicon Valley bubble,” and the bubble is spreading rapidly.Over the last year, the stock market has been booming […]

Share price of Apple stocks is going down. Why?

By Now, the market is expecting Apple to report a net loss of $23.5 billion in the second quarter, or $1.4 billion less than the $25.5bn it reported in the first quarter.This is because of the company’s $10.5 trillion debt, which it is still in the process of refinancing, and because of higher demand for Apple products, as it sells […]